14 from ’14, Day 3: The #YahooBig3

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.25.38 PMRunning down some of my better stories from 2014. Today, a monster research project that stemmed from a simple idea: which college boasts the three best athletes across multiple sports?

This article, which we dubbed #YahooBig3 (the hashtag is essential!), stemmed from a conversation my colleague Kevin Kaduk and I had about Auburn’s Big Three: Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Frank Thomas. So we got to work sussing out which schools had standout athletes in the three big sports, and oh, did we hit roadblocks.

First, by excluding golf, hockey, et cetera, we lopped off some solid competitors. Then we decided to keep it to men’s sports only. (Sorry, ladies.) We came up with a list that was pretty impressive in its breadth, both across and within schools (Texas, for instance, produced both the hardass Roger Clemens and the sentimental softie Kevin Durant.)

We got blowback, of course, but it’s all in good fun. Check the full list here and see what you think. And no, Auburn wasn’t No. 1.

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