14 from ’14, Day 4: Florida State at Miami

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 8.57.10 AMRunning down a bunch of what I wrote this year. Today: off to Miami.

I love writing about college football, mainly because of photos like that one above. That was a couch amid the wreckage in the aftermath of the Florida State-Miami game, a game which the Seminoles rightfully should have lost but somehow managed a win I still can’t figure out. As I wrote:

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – You keep sticking your head into the lion’s mouth, one day the lion’s going to decide it likes the taste. For Florida State, today was not that day.

For the fifth time this season, Florida State made what should have been an easy steamroll into an adventure. And for the fifth time, the Seminoles escaped, this time with a 30-26 victory over hated rival Miami.

The Seminoles needed overtime to beat Clemson, trailed both NC State and Louisville by more than two touchdowns, and were one fortuitous penalty away from losing to Notre Dame. This game, Florida State needed 56 minutes and 55 seconds to take the lead. While other teams’ fans would have passed out from holding their breath, Seminole Nation knew better.

After the game, FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher had a perfectly sculpted smirk, and Jameis Winston smiled like a who-me? choirboy. There are more fascinating backstories in a single quarter of college football than in an entire weekend of the NFL. Every time I get to dip into that, it rocks.

Here’s the full column, which Florida State fans took as some kind of insult. Heads up, y’all. Two lions still remaining.

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