14 from ’14, Day 5: Carolina, San Francisco, and some dubious ref calls

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 8.43.07 PMLooking back at a bunch of stuff I wrote this year. Off to Charlotte!

It’s pretty incomprehensible now, but earlier this year the San Francisco 49ers played the Carolina Panthers in a playoff game. It’s true, I was there. This wasn’t a particularly spectacular game, except to establish the 49ers as legit Super Bowl contenders (again, this was this year), but the Panthers got bounced from the game and the postseason thanks to some dubious referee calls. As Carolina safety Mike Mitchell put it, from the article:

“Terrible call,” Mitchell said after the game. “Terrible call. Terrible call. Terrible call.” He paused, stared directly into one of the cameras ringing him, and continued. “Did you get that? Terrible. Call.”

Read the rest of the article here. What I remember most about this one was how quickly the air went out of the stadium after the loss. You have weeks of build to the postseason, you have an extra week of hype until the game, and then boom … it’s over in three hours. The stadium cleared out early, the streets were empty shortly after the game, and it was all over for Carolina.

The Panthers might sneak their way into the postseason again this year, but they’re nothing like a true playoff contender. The 49ers look more lost than they have in years. So clip and save this article, kids. Could be a collector’s item.

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