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Sunday, January 23, 2005 

Flickadaweek: Welcome to Sarajevo

Watched Welcome to Sarajevo this afternoon...it's not a great MOVIE, but it does have a great IMPACT. It's about the Bosnian conflict circa 1992, and follows a group of television journalists as they try to wrap their hands and minds around this absurd ethnic war. The film shows the majesty of Sarajevo in the 1984 Winter Olympics, then jump-cuts to those same stadiums blown to bits by war. The plot is fairly thin--a British journalist sneaks out an orphan by dubiously legal means--so much of the film's impact comes from the images we see--emaciated concentration-camp victims in the 90s, not the 40s; flames licking out of the burning Yugoslavian national library; a group of men tied together, stood at the edge of a wall and executed one by one; a tiny child taking delight at the simple act of eating an orange. My old Larry Flynt co-star Woody Harrelson's in it, and he's good; the guy is one top-notch script away from becoming an A-lister. And I'm always a fan of movies about wartime journalists; one of my dream projects is a book on the war junkies of Vietnam. But back to the movie--if, like me, you've always kind of heard about this Bosnian thing but never really investigated it, this movie'll light a fire under your fat comfortable American butt. See it.

I actually want to see this, I just keep forgetting about it. I actually liked that god-awful Michael Keating made for HBO Baghdad movie, I’d probably love this one.

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