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Sunday, September 25, 2005 

Meet Some O' Me Mates

So...got plenty afoot on the comics front here. Let me introduce you to a few folks whose stellar work will be gracing my words over the next year or so. To begin:

JASON OSSMAN, who's stepped in and done a kick-ass job on the last two issues of SUNDOWN: ARIZONA when our previous artist was unable to continue. Jason's got the kind of grit that brings S:A to creepy life...issue #2, his first, hits shelves real soon, and--sales willing--he'll be redrawing #1 for collection in a trade paperback.

JARED BIVENS, my old colleague from Western Tales of Terror #1, who's going to be starting up work on GAMBLING IN HAVANA--my rednecks-loose-in-Cuba crime/comedy--as soon as I can get him a script.

MAX VELATI, whose near-photorealistic style will--at long last--bring SUNSHINE STATE, my tale of a Florida vice cop in the 1980s and his detective son today, to lush pastel-and-neon life.

JEREMY BENNISON, whose ultradetailed work is going to be put to use destroying cities around the world in XL, my giant-monsters book. (Hook line: "The food chain just added a new link.")

MARTIN MORAZZO, who's going to be a big star one day, but hopefully before then he'll finish up the initial issues of THE NETWORK, my ESPN-for-superheroes tale.

JASON FLOWERS, who knocked out a kick-ass four-page story for a recent contest--if we win, I'll let you know; if we lose, I'll post the entry here. But I think we're gonna win. Now, though, he's going to be working on RIPPED, my time-travel/terrorist story. (So what would YOU do if you found yourself in Dallas on that fateful November afternoon as the motorcade was approaching?)

Not a bad lineup, huh? With any luck, this time next year I'll have a bookshelf of new work on the stands. Make your bets as to which one's gonna hit first. As always, you know where to look to track 'em all, don't you?


Jay Busbee runs Yahoo! Sports' NASCAR Blog From The Marbles, Atlanta Magazine's Atlanta sports blog Right Down Peachtree, and the Southern sports/humor blog Sports Gone South. He also writes for damn near anybody who'll throw him a buck and a byline, and he's at work on the books The Quiet Dynasty: The History Of The Atlanta Braves' Championship Run (2009, Sports Publishing LLC) and God Is A Bulldog: Georgia, Florida, And The Greatest Play In College Football History (2010, Sports Publishing LLC). Click below for more info on his novels, articles, and comics.
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