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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

The Lucky 13th

Today's my birthday, and while I didn't quite celebrate it the way I have in the past--usually coinciding with end-of-the-semester blackout-drunk sprees in college--it was a good one. Got a fine dinner with the fam at Dreamland Barbecue, and the wife gave me a new Ipod. I'm stuffin' that baby right now--the Ipod, not the wife--and I'm going to kick back with a bottle of Abita Turbo Dog, the latest James Lee Burke book, and some new Ryan Adams tunes.

To quote the prophet Ice Cube, it was indeed a very good day.

Oh, and George W. ought to be happy today, too, seeing as how my birthday marks the two high points of his presidency--the day the Supreme Court finally certified the Florida results in 2000, and the day we nabbed Saddam in his rathole in 2003. No need to thank me, Mr. President; I'm happy to share the day with ya.

They should make your birthday a national holiday. That would rock.

Hope you had a good one, bro.

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