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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Random Musings At The End Of The Week

Couple random musings that don't really warrant a full post...

--Boy, there's nothing like a semi-funny story that allows you to use the words "misfiring Dick" in polite company to bring out the hack comedians, is there? Maybe my standard for Dick jokes is too high, but if you're going to take your shot--har, har--at making fun of the whole Cheney situation, you'd better bring something new to the table besides lame-ass double entendres. This whole scenario is one of those political Rorschach blots, where what you see depends entirely on which side of the aisle you inhabit. Let's be clear--the Vice President of the United States shot somebody in the fucking face, which makes it a national news story. However, said person was not a high-ranking government official, or--perish the thought--Osama bin Laden, making the story more Cheney-as-hunting-idiot and less all-the-Bushies-have-blood-on-their-hands-and-this-is-just-more-of-the-same. Both the administration and the media have royally screwed this one up--the jackass NBC journalist who whined that he wasn't informed is every bit as disgusting as the Texas Cheney crony who implied that it was the victim's fault he took a faceful of birdshot.

Me, I don't think I'd be making quite as much fun of Cheney as some folks are. He looks like he's taking names and planning to show up at the foot of some beds in the dead of night, carrying a serrated-edge hunting knife and a mean-ass vendetta.

--The NBA All-Star Game is this weekend. As one of the Three White Guys Who Still Follow The NBA, I'm stoked. Yes, All-Star games play to the worst instincts of the sports fan--zero team play, zero defense, all flash and dazzle--but so what? There's a reason nobody plays Princeton-style basketball anymore--it's boring as hell. (Spare me the lecture on fundamentals--you're right, it's a disgrace that players can't hit open jump shots every time down the floor. But that doesn't mean we need to rob the game of its above-the-rim element.) Go enjoy the All-Star game, and remember--the players can't rob you if they're on the court.

--A colleague of mine, Drew Melbourne, is publishing his first comic this spring through Dark Horse. Entitled ArchEnemies, it's going to be high-concept fun--what happens when a superhero and a supervillain share the same apartment? Check out some initial artwork and get details on how to order your copies by clicking here.


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