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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 

Speaking of Sports

Sports roundup for the day:

--Paul Katcher has a very funny piece over at ESPN entitled "Your Jersey is Talking," about the messages your $300 sports jersey is sending out without you even knowing it. (Hint: it probably ain't "Say, is that Derek Jeter? Damn, he's fatter and whiter in real life.") Credit too to Katcher for coining a new term: "Skankees," for the sleazy chicks that wear torn A-Rod and Jeter jerseys. Katcher's a good writer, and a solid guy--when I pestered him a year ago about how to break in at ESPN.com, he was kind enough to write back. Didn't give me the key, mind you, but told me how to find it myself. Which I did.

--A shout-out to the best Braves blog site on the web, Rowland's Office. Run by a couple of my co-contributors to ChopTalk, the official Braves magazine, it's got the kind of loving-yet-honest analysis only true fans can create.

--Tonight's the All-Star Game, always one of my favorite events and, now, one of the best reasons for owning a DVR so I can skip right past all the vacuous sponsor-pleasing bullshit and get right to the game on the field. Bonus: the Braves' Brian McCann, all of 22 years old, will be making his All-Star debut tonight. I just finished up a profile of McCann for ChopTalk; he's one of the best pure hitters in the NL but is already showing a dangerous proclivity for nagging injuries. Let's hope his luck turns around but his swing doesn't.

Bonus pic of the day: Here's McCann with my kids and a family friend (my two are the blond goofballs):

Thanks for the plug, man. That's very kind.


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