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Thursday, October 12, 2006 

"The Perfect Place To Be If Your Thumbs Have More Skills Than Your Pimp Game."

No disrespect to Hannah Storm, Erin Andrews, Suzy Kolber, et. al., but our new favorite yournextmnfsidelinereporter.jpgsideline reporter is the lovely Charity Hodges. Ms. Hodges--she's the utter mess there at the right of your screen--is the sideline reporter for NOPI Tunervision, a SpeedTV show about--well, we’re not quite sure what the hell it’s about, frankly, only that there are lots of boobs and cars.

Apparently edited by a hypercaffeinated ferret--no shot lasts longer than three seconds--NOPI Tunervision is a show where tattooed (and heavily sponsored) dudes talk about widebody kits, superchargers, and 12-inch GRW-7s, which would really impress us if we knew what the hell they were. It’s also a show where insanely hot chicks shake their butts for membership in the “Apple Butt Club” and frolic in the sexual-assault pregame show knownnopi.JPG as a “Bubble Bath Bikini Contest.” Oh, yeah--and there's Xbox competitions too, which is where the title quote comes from. And through it all, the lovely Ms. Hodges wears a low-cut blouse showing cleavage deep enough to hide a toddler. She may not know NOPI Tunervision from a Hopi reservation, but really...who cares?

Check it out like we did--for free--by clicking here and downloading it off iTunes. Then, like they say on the show, keep your right foot angry...or whatever.


Jay Busbee runs Yahoo! Sports' NASCAR Blog From The Marbles, Atlanta Magazine's Atlanta sports blog Right Down Peachtree, and the Southern sports/humor blog Sports Gone South. He also writes for damn near anybody who'll throw him a buck and a byline, and he's at work on the books The Quiet Dynasty: The History Of The Atlanta Braves' Championship Run (2009, Sports Publishing LLC) and God Is A Bulldog: Georgia, Florida, And The Greatest Play In College Football History (2010, Sports Publishing LLC). Click below for more info on his novels, articles, and comics.
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