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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 

POSTCARDS Drops Today!

For a writer, there's no thrill quite like seeing your work in print. And it's the goal of every writer to walk into a bookstore and see their work there on the shelves. I admit it, I'm a glory hound--every time I'm in a grocery store or bookstore carrying a magazine I've written something for, I flip to my article and point out my name to my kids. (Which is always followed by, "Fine, Dad. Can we get ice cream now?")

Today was a little different. Today saw the release of POSTCARDS, a landmark comics anthology featuring a ton of high-profile comics talent...and me. (Here's the backstory.) The brainchild of my pal Jason Rodriguez, POSTCARDS is the product of years of hard work (on Jason's part; mine was done in a dozen hours or so), and it absolutely shows. Plus, it's a hardcover book, and there's nothing quite like seeing your name on something that could cause actual physical damage when thrown. (One of my secret ambitions is to write a book large enough to be used as a weapon in a CSI episode.)

Anyway, go buy POSTCARDS. Trust me, you're gonna love it. And if you don't, you can throw it at your enemies.


Jay Busbee runs Yahoo! Sports' NASCAR Blog From The Marbles, Atlanta Magazine's Atlanta sports blog Right Down Peachtree, and the Southern sports/humor blog Sports Gone South. He also writes for damn near anybody who'll throw him a buck and a byline, and he's at work on the books The Quiet Dynasty: The History Of The Atlanta Braves' Championship Run (2009, Sports Publishing LLC) and God Is A Bulldog: Georgia, Florida, And The Greatest Play In College Football History (2010, Sports Publishing LLC). Click below for more info on his novels, articles, and comics.
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