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Sunday, August 05, 2007 

"Am I Outraging You! I'm Trying Really Hard To Be Outrageous! Are You Outraged Yet?"

From today's e-mail newsletter Bad Signal by Warren Ellis, who's clearly phoning today's entry in:

"I have no idea what happened the fateful night that Ms Lohan cracked the crust of stale, blood-flecked coke off her crotch and said to her soon-to-be-ex-assistant while snorting cough medicine up into her forebrain, 'shove your arm up there, girl. I want to come on your elbow.' Because the very rich are not like you and me..."


Come on, Warren, enough with the paint-by-numbers celeb/drug/sex nonsense. You've worn a groove on that riff deep enough to drive a truck into. Warren's a good writer, but from him, this kind of stuff's about as unexpected as Bill Simmons referencing '80s tv shows or Faulkner expounding on faded glories.

Or, you know, me shorthanding a post by quoting someone else. Whatever.

A biting Simmons reference. Most excellent. I shall return to these parts...

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