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Thursday, November 15, 2007 

Incursion #1 Out Next Week. World WILL Take Notice.

Incursion #1 hits this Wednesday from Platinum. Go get it. Then write me by clicking here and telling me what you think. Anybody that writes gets a copy of the script to issue #1.

Incursion's gonna be the finest book published this year. Don't believe me? Believe this press release, bitches:


Incursion #1 Out Later This Month

LOS ANGELES, Calif., November 09, 2007 – This November, Platinum Studios Comics (www.platinumstudioscomics.com) and Jay Busbee capture the gritty essence of sci-fi horror with the release of Incursion. Axel Medellin Machain, a two-time Top 50 Comic Book Challenge (www.comicbookchallenge.com) contestant, joins the Incursion creative team on pencils and inks.

The story opens deep in the battlefields of Afghanistan and culminates in a war-torn dimension known as Twilight. The four-issue series combines thrilling action with rugged humor as our heroes fight to save the souls of humanity. “Our main characters, Sgt. Ray Montgomery and Dr. Rebecca Drake, are under constant pressure to make incredibly difficult decisions,” says scripter Jay Busbee. “It’s been exciting to chart their path from disgrace to redemption as they traverse a warzone not of this world.”

“As the Editor-in-Chief of Arcana Comics and now VP of Publishing and Animation at Platinum Studios, I’ve read many comics in my career,” adds Sean O’Reilly. “I am blown away by the visually stunning artwork in Incursion. With covers by Tone Rodriguez (Radioactive Man), Nei Ruffino (Return to Wonderland) on colors, and Axel Medellin Machain on pencils and inks, this team creates a distinctive visual style that will command the reader’s attention.”

Incursion Issue #1 with cover by Tone Rodriguez will be available in comic stores and on DrunkDuck.com late November.

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Nice, Mister Busbee! I'm gonna win me some script.

Jorge Vega? Famed writer of Gunplay, here? Awesome!

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