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Thursday, December 13, 2007 

The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year

Hey, it's my birthday today! Me, Sergei Federov, Jamie Foxx, Steve Buscemi, Ted Nugent, Dick Van Dyke, Pope Sixtus V, and the immortal Jewgeni Petrow (no, I don't know either) will be celebrating today, but probably not together.

Everybody loves their birthday, but mine's been quite a significant day the last few years. In 2000, this was the day that Al Gore finally conceded and George W. ascended to the presidency. In 2003, this was the day that Saddam Hussein was dug out of his hole. And today will see the release of the Mitchell Report blowing the whistle on dozens of steroid-using baseball players. Man, now that I think about it, lots of people have reasons to hate my birthday. Sorry, folks...cake's on me.


Jay Busbee runs Yahoo! Sports' NASCAR Blog From The Marbles, Atlanta Magazine's Atlanta sports blog Right Down Peachtree, and the Southern sports/humor blog Sports Gone South. He also writes for damn near anybody who'll throw him a buck and a byline, and he's at work on the books The Quiet Dynasty: The History Of The Atlanta Braves' Championship Run (2009, Sports Publishing LLC) and God Is A Bulldog: Georgia, Florida, And The Greatest Play In College Football History (2010, Sports Publishing LLC). Click below for more info on his novels, articles, and comics.
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