I’m in San Diego this week, speaking at a conference on solid waste and recycling. (Really! It’s more interesting than it sounds! For instance, did you know the only two man-made objects visible from space are the Great Wall of China and New York City’s landfill? Really! And I’ve got more…wait! Don’t go! Please!) Anyway, it’s lovely out here on Coronado Island, even though I nearly got run off the bridge by a Coca-Cola truck this morning and plunged to a horrid death. The wind off the Pacific is cool, the sky is an impossible blue, and everybody’s got that SoCal vibe that’s, like, multiple time zones away from my take. It doesn’t help that out here, my accent makes me sound like I just got done roustin’ out some uppity blacks. This weekend, more on the strange granola-eating folks I met this morning and the fish tacos that nearly made me throw up my liver last night. Till then…


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