Interviewed Chicago Bulls guard/assassin Ben Gordon last night for a piece I’m writing for the Chicago Sports Review. It’s a shame that an athlete who answers questions thoughtfully and looks you in the eye when he speaks is cause for mild celebration, but, absurdly enough, that’s what I was feeling after talking with Gordon before the game. He’s soft-spoken–his college coach once called him “Gentle Ben,” and it wasn’t a compliment–but I don’t think he laid a single cliche on me, which in itself is a minor miracle. Gordon’s an interesting story because he’s a backbreaker–he comes up huge in crunch time, with more double-digit fourth quarters than anybody in the game this season, which is flat-out amazing for a rookie.

Oh, and the Hawks suck. Man, I feel so bad for those guys, but they just don’t have the talent to hang with other teams in the NBA. They went up by 19 points early in the third, but then surrendered to a 61-to-21–no, there’s no typo in there–run by the Bulls. I can sympathize with the failure to hold the big lead–my biggest weakness in both poker and tennis is my inability to swiftly dispatch the other dude when I’m way out in front–but man, there’s no excuse for being on the low end of a 40-point differential in a single half.

And to top it off, Hammer was the postgame entertainment. Didn’t the fans suffer enough?


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