Couple of interesting tidbits here from the news: has an interesting piece right here about the too-cute wave of commercials now filtering across the airwaves. I’m a tv junkie, but I don’t watch a lot of commercials–either because I’m addicted to HBO or because I blow right past them at warp speed–God bless you, Comcast TiVo-knockoff. But I gotta agree with the premise of this piece–that the wack-ass commercials for Quizno’s, Skittles, and Burger King, among others, are just too damn willfully strange for their own good. Absurdity for the sake of being strange isn’t artistic, it’s manipulative at best; just plain stupid at worst. My sister Stacey loves this kind of stuff, but I hate ironic cutesiness, whether it’s in Wes Anderson films or burger joint commercials.

-And from the “Call us when you have kids, jackass” file, we have the diaperless babies movement. I’m not entirely certain this isn’t a big hoax, but even if it is, it illustrates how far the Green movement has fallen that something like this could be seriously attributed to their cause. Briefly stated: the proponents of diaperless babies say that we need to get rid of the vast mountains of diapers clogging our nation’s landfills, and we can do that by watching our babies’ faces and actions to be able to tell when they’re ready to take a leak or unload some freight, and get them over a toilet, bucket, shrub, whatever. Diapers are a symbol of the tyranny of creature comforts, or some nonsense like that. (Bubonic plague being, I guess, more legit because it’s not made by evil capitalist hands.) This is so far beyond absurd it’s good for nothing but a laugh. (How can something be both “retro” and “cutting-edge,” anyway?) I particularly like the idea that parents can carry a “tightly-sealed bucket” to take care of business in public. And you thought catching someone breast-feeding was bad…The more I think about it, the more I really hope this is all bull, because I’d hate to think I share a planet with people so far out of touch with practical reality. And we wonder why our kids are so soft and weak, physically and intellectually–they’ve got parents willing to literally cater to their every whim.


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