Just finalized a deal to publish my second full-length comic book, “Gambling In Havana,” with an as-yet-unnamed publisher. Art will be by the damn-fine Jared Bivens, who illustrated my Western Tales of Terror story last year. This one won’t be out before late this year at the earliest; Jared and I both have to clear some previously contracted work off our plates (and wait’ll you see what he’s working on), and we also have to decide what format we want to publish this fella in. It was written up as a 48-page graphic novel, but that could change depending on the whims of the market and the demands of the publisher.

So what’s it about? Glad you asked. “Gambling in Havana” is a crime-comedy in the style of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen, the story of two layabout rednecks who sneak into Cuba on a mission to liberate an old man. (They ain’t noble; they’ve got the hots for his granddaughter.) Deke and Rando end up doing what nine presidents couldn’t–setting off the revolution that topples the world’s longest-running Communist dictatorship. High concept is “Dukes of Hazzard” meets “Bad Boys,” or maybe “The Bourne Identity” starring Larry the Cable Guy. Here’s a look at Jared’s initial cover:

Let me emphasize that to the best of my knowledge, there have been no other comics called “Gambling In Havana” ever published. And I am documenting the plotline of my work–work that I created all by myself–right here, right now, on April 26, 2005. “Gosh, Jay,” you may be saying, “that’s an unusual thing to write about a still-in-the-womb project.” Indeed it is. Why on earth would I need to go to these extremes to verify that I write my own work? Let’s just say that the header of this blog doesn’t just refer to the Zevon song from whence sprang the title of my comic, and leave it at that.

Anyway, “Gambling In Havana.” Coming soon to screw up a hemisphere near you.


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