The Internet both curses and blesses us with its worldwide community. But for every messageboard troll and may-they-burn-in-hell spammer, there’s a site like PostSecret. First pointed out to me on the Isotope forum and by my man Jason, PostSecret is a site where people write their deepest, darkest (or, much less frequently, brightest) secrets on a postcard and mail them in. The brutally honest entries will inspire you, break your heart, and make you think of your own secrets…and realize you’re never really alone. There are dozens of memorable ones, but here’s one of my favorites:

And speaking of community, if you’re interested in comics, or even just popular culture at large, you could do much worse than checking out the Isotope forums linked above. It’s a young but growing community based out of the Isotope comic store in San Francisco, to which I must make a pilgrimage one of these days. Creators and fans alike participate in the forum, which is blessedly free of both goofballs and snarky egotists. Stop on by…we’re just getting a non-comic book club up and rolling, with our first book being Elmore Leonard’s “The Hot Kid.” Like the creepy little lady in Poltergeist used to say–all are welcome…all are welcome…


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