So I spent Memorial Day down at Callaway Gardens, stuffing my face on Three Little Pigs barbecue; getting lost in a trailer park; gagging on the stink of feet from the nail salon at the entrance of the Peachtree Mall in lovely Columbus, Georgia; and helping my folks move into a new place down there. (Best moment of the weekend: the look on my dad’s face when the clerk at Best Buy hit him with the barrage of inane offers: “Are you a member of our Rewards Program? Do you want to be? Do you want to save 10 percent on your purchases? Do you want a subscription to Entertainment Weekly? Do you want to buy the extended warranty with that?” “That” being a ten-dollar remote control–the two-year warranty was six bucks, though as the cashier helpfully pointed out, “there’s no tax on that!”)

So as a result, I kind of punted on this week’s GONE YARD (click the link above), rounding up the fantasy sports games that my brothers, dad, and I play to keep us at each other’s throats.

Also new is a SUNDOWN: ARIZONA interview at Nyxx Underground, another comics website. Check it out.


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