Jeez louise, you travel up and down the country, go on three (count ’em, three!) separate vacations, pump out half a dozen articles at lightning speed, and before you know it, two weeks have gone by without a Multimedia Landfill update! Since much has happened of late, let’s bring the crew up to speed, shall we?

1. MOTHER NATURE TRIES TO KICK MY ASS–Through no fault of my own, I found myself kind of on the outer fringes of two of the biggest national stories to hit over the last few weeks…and no, I’m not talking about Justice O’Connor’s retirement. Our relationship ended long ago in an ugly hail of insults, whiskey, and gunfire. But every year, on the first Monday in October, I still feel a twinge of what might have been…

…anyway. The fam and I vacationed in Destin, which is, as you’ll recall from way back in June 2005, smack-dab in the middle of shark-chow territory. The unfortunate girl who died as a result of a shark bite was attacked about a quarter-mile from where we were staying. So the mood on the beach was a bit less playful than usual; we were even called in once because someone had spotted a shark out in the waves. I myself saw something hulking in the water swim about ten yards away from us and I hustled my daughter right out–turns out it was a sea lion, though people on the bank called it everything from a dolphin to a stingray.

And there were, naturally, the idiots…we spent one warm night playing along the water’s edge, while out past the breakers a couple morons frolicked. It was a damn near perfect night, and if the sharks had done their Darwinian duty and dined on redneck tartare, it woulda been an all-timer.

So after getting back from Florida, we spent a few days with the extended family in Callaway Gardens, and drove north just in time to get caught in the blowback of Hurricane Dennis. Hydroplaning across several lanes of traffic in downtown Atlanta…son, it don’t get no better than that.

2. NEXT ON SPORTSCENTER…Astute readers of this blog will recall that a couple weeks (and one entry) back, I mentioned having to watch a metric shitload of Tom Cruise movies. And this article right here is why–I managed to ride Tom’s wacky coattails into a spot on Enjoy–you’ll never watch “Days of Thunder” the same way again.

3. AC/DC, VAN HALEN, AND SUNDOWN: ARIZONA–What do they have in common? Well, they all replaced a key player at the height of their success. And while I can’t really call S:A a legitimate success yet, it has placed well on Diamond’s Top 300 list (the benchmark for monthly comics success), and early reviews have been–no joke–spectacular. I’ll share ’em as soon as they’re released. But we’ve had to bring on board a new artist (I’ll resist the easy Western “change horses” metaphor), so please welcome pinch-hitter extraordinaire Jason Ossman. Delays on #2 and #3 should be minor, and if all goes well with the series, we’ll have a collected trade paperback out soon, and–dare I hope?–a sequel soon after that.

4. SPEAKING OF PINCH-HITTING–My buddy Jason Rodriguez has one of the better blogs around with his “The Moose in the Closet” (which doesn’t mean what you think it does…no matter what you think it does). While he’s on vacation, he’s bringing in a crew of guest columnists, and last Wednesday I offered up my own little tale–well, it’s mine and my wife’s, the story of our engagement and immediate hospital stay. I’ll post it here soon enough, but for an early preview, click here. And stop by Jason’s blog again when you get the chance.

That’s all for the nonce–big-ass website overhaul coming in a few days; soon afterward, art from my NEXT comics project. Till then…


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