The cats at Silver Bullet Comic Books put Sundown: Arizona #1 in the ring for their Sunday Slugfest review column last weekend, and we friggin’ kicked ass–four of four positive reviews, averaging 4 of 5 stars. Click here to check it out.

Some choice excerpts:

“This is an impressive book in nearly every aspect: the story is set up well and progresses efficiently, the conflict is intriguing, the characters are clearly defined, the coloring is magnificent, the artwork presents the events of the issue cleanly and dynamically, and the issue ends with a situation that compels me to buy the next issue. Yes, Sundown Arizona is that good.”

“The writing is by far the strongest element of the comic; the occasional slips into hackneyed dialogue aside, there is some extremely atmospheric writing on show here. The opening narration sets the scene wonderfully, and evokes a suitably eerie tone; it would have been easy to have gone over-the top with the horror, and to a certain extent the comic does, but there’s also a creepy, mysterious undercurrent to balance things out, and the contrast works surprisingly well. Busbee also does an excellent job of setting up the series while at the same time leaving exactly the kind of tantalising hints and questions that bring readers back for a second issue. While he’s certainly an experienced writer, Busbee doesn’t seem to have done much comics work, but you’d not know it from the strong and assured writing here.”

“Jay Busbee, the writer of Sundown, delivers to the max (is that what the kids say?) with this western tale of murder and intrigue. It is a spooky, unnerving read with exciting art and storytelling.”

Can I get an amen? Start bugging your local comic shop for SUNDOWN: ARIZONA #1 now!


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