I’m drowning in media.

I’ve always been a multimedia freak–I love books, movies, DVDs, comics, magazines…my kids give me grief because I’m always reading at the breakfast table or skittering through the TiVo listings. I burn through articles and shows faster than Karl Rove dodging a subpoena. But now…now I think I’ve bagged my limit. Like Star Jones attacking Jonah’s whale with a shrimp fork and a ramikin* of drawn butter, I have utterly gorged myself on media, and now I don’t know what the hell to do. Here’s just a sample, off the top of my head, of the backlog I’m working right now:

–14 must-read-next books, including several 2004 anthologies whose 2005 editions are now hitting.
–26 hours of programming on the TiVo, including Deadwoods dating to April–and I LOVE that series.
–8500 songs on iTunes, or 35 DAYS of continuous music.
–20 hours of movies I downloaded from Starz download service during a furious free-trial week.
–17 movies in my queue.
–8 DVD SETS that I haven’t yet watched, including stuff I WORSHIP, like Homicide: Life on the Street and The Return of the King Extended DVD.
–Dozens of backlogged comics and hundreds of free PDF comic previews.
–Bargeloads of magazines dating back to…well, dating back awhile, let’s just say that.
–54 hours of TV shows that I downloaded through, er, “extralegal” means like bittorrent before I decided to go legit and get TiVo (what? I cleared my conscience with TiVo! I’m supposed to DELETE my ill-gotten gains too?)
–And, of course, the continuing pileup of new series (Rescue Me, Empire, Battlestar Galactica, Into The West, Six Feet Under), Braves games, XM Satellite Radio shows (pretty much exclusively Opie & Anthony, at this point), and local radio station 96 Rock’s Regular Guys–another quality morning show.

So basically, I could hibernate for a month with my preciousssss multimedia and still not cut through all the crap I’ve built up.

Man, I gotta simplify.

But AFTER I watch the Family Guy ep I didn’t finish last night.

*-ramikins are those teeny-tiny little cups that restaurants serve butter or sour cream in. It’d also make a kick-ass name for a middle linebacker, so if you’re expecting a young’un and stuck for a name, “Ramikin” gets my vote.


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  • Anonymous
    ago12 years

    “Like Star Jones attacking Jonah’s whale with a shrimp fork and a ramikin* of drawn butter, I have utterly gorged myself on media…”.

    That shit made me shit myself.

    If you have to scrap everything and pare your Tivo watching down to one show… make that show Battlestar Galactica.


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