SUNDOWN: ARIZONA got a good review from, a French (or maybe French-Canadian, I dunno) website. You can read the original right here or a Google-translated version here. Some choice excerpts:

-“Sundown is a western of horror, a mixture of kinds which becomes again à la mode.” Mmmm…comics with ice cream…

-“By discovering that Jay Busbee had written a history in the Western anthology Bruise of Terror # 1, I have immediately laminated the comics in order to remind the style of this author.” Hey, even I don’t laminate my comics. Thanks, mon frere! (And “Bruise of Terror” would be a KILLER name for a band.)

-“In my opinion Jay Busbee is a scenario writer who it is wise to follow in the future.” Damn straight, chien.

So merci beaucoup to ibulle–in gratitude, I promise to lay off the French for a couple weeks, at least.


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