Had a fine booksigning at Great Escape Comics in Marietta, Georgia last night:

What a handsome, chipper lad.

Anyway, I caught a lot of folks as they were swinging by the comics store on their way home from work–Wednesday, for those of you not in the know, is New Comics Day, the day that week’s offerings hit the shelves–one of 52 little Christmases each year for the comics fan.

It’s funny…you don’t really get a sense of comics fandom until you get right up close to them (which, in some cases, isn’t really advisable.) There were a few people who were there for their Green Lanterns and their Power Girls and not much else, but there were also quite a few who were interested in chatting about craft, comics, music, and other cool stuff. Annie showed up and looked only moderately uncomfortable at plunging into the unfamiliar sausagefest that is the American Comic Store 2005. (And this is a woman who has to visit prisons as part of her daily routine–she’s an attorney and occasionally must represent someone staying at the Ol’ Graybar Hotel.)

But back to the industry–what I kept hearing over and over is that so many people aren’t interested in reading about Boobalicious Spandex Babes In The Infinite Ultimate Crisis:

…so much anymore. (Looking at ’em, sure. But just like in the real world, comics fans have realized that the Boobalicious babes rarely have much interesting to say.) Anyway, a lot of readers–like me–who love the form but are tired of the same old, same old are looking for new material to dig on, and many of them have apparently found it in SUNDOWN: ARIZONA. I also got copies of current favorite books The Atheist, The Expatriate, and Elk’s Run into new hands, so that’s a good thing.

In the end, I think I won a few new fans, met some cool folks, and hooked up with an artist who’s going to help me murder a few teenagers at a McDonald’s…on the page, y’all, on the page. Many thanks to Paul and Ethan at Great Escape–I’ll be back next year! (Well, I’ll be back in the store next WEEK, but you know what I mean.)


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