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Don’t sue me, Tiger: my latest appearance on the Nick & Artie Show

Did another stint on the Nick & Artie Show last night with Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange. Went well; we started out talking golf and ended up talking about … well, what we always end up talking about, which is Tiger Woods’ off-course activities. Click on the link below to play; it’s about 8 minutes long. Enjoy.

JB on the Nick & Artie Show, 6-04-12

My latest Yahoo! Sports Radio bit on Tiger Woods, SEAL in training

Did a stint on my pal Craig Shemon’s show talking about Tiger Woods, who apparently wanted to be a Navy SEAL somewhere along the line, and who lashed out at a reporter at a press conference yesterday. Enjoy.



New podcast: The OzMan cometh

b1102ozzie2When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards of all the stars of the ’80s — Dale Murphy, Mike Schmidt, Ryne Sandberg, and so on — and I’d make up these All-Star teams, laid out on the carpet in diamond formation. (Yes, this was before I knew girls existed. Shut up.) Anyway, my shortstop was always Ozzie Smith, so it was quite the kick to talk to him today for a Y! Sports podcast.

I didn’t tell him about the baseball-card thing, because that would be just creepy. Other than that, though, we had fun. Here’s the link to the episode; check it out.