A few stories I wrote in 2013 that I don’t totally hate

I wrote a lot in 2013, when I wasn’t getting caught on camera scowling at people. And I was lucky enough to cover some of the year’s best events, including the NFL playoffs, NCAA Final Four, Indy 500, Masters, Daytona 500, and MLB playoffs. Here are a few of the stories that I can look back on and not want to kick my laptop. Enjoy!

Terminal NASCAR fan fulfills dream of going to Daytona 500, dies in infield: Mitch Zannette was a Pennsylvania volunteer firefighter with just a few days to live. He spent them in the infield at the Daytona 500, passing away just hours before the race began. I spoke to his family and friends for this one in the hours after his death.

The resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts: Got the true pleasure of hanging with wrestling icons Diamond Dallas Page and Jake the Snake Roberts for a few hours. Roberts is in an ongoing battle for sobriety, and I caught him shortly after he’d fallen off the wagon and was consumed with regret and self-loathing.

Joy of moment shattered by Boston Marathon blast: Right after the bomb went off at the Boston Marathon, I didn’t know what the hell else to do, so I wrote this story in about 20 minutes. It inspired an entire town in Utah to create a fun run to raise money for victims, which might be the coolest thing my writing has ever done.

Tuscaloosa celebrates Alabama’s championship like it’s been here before: I hit Tuscaloosa during the national championship game against Notre Dame to see how the locals celebrated. Spoiler: they were happy.

No joy in Landover: At long last, Redskins fans refuse to cheer: I traveled to the dysfunctional mess that is FedEx Field in December for a Redskins game. This is what I saw. Steel your heart.

So there you have it. Thank you, friends, for reading. Much more to come in 2014!


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