A.M. Shuffle, in which Metallica visits Game of Thrones territory

Getting the writing engine going by writing about whatever song pops up on shuffle. Today: Metallica’s “Last Caress/Green Hell.”

Generally, bands release “back-to-basics” albums when their credibility starts to fray, and they release covers albums when they want to lasso themselves to a greater musical tradition. So with Metallica, it makes perfect sense that they’ve released three completely different back-to-basics covers albums, two of which came in the band’s first half-dozen years of existence. (Metal fans need constant reassurance that their favorite bands aren’t becoming, you know, rock stars. With Metallica, we’ll leave that sad little irony right here next to our cassette copy of The Black Album. Say your prayers, little one.)

Anyway. “Garage Days Revisited” came out in 1987, a mini-collection of five (or so) thrash/punk/hardcore ditties, and no core was harder than this Misfits mashup. Its lyrics are the kind of thing you don’t really want attached to your name in Google searches, but you’ve got dead babies and defiled mothers in the first 30 seconds.

Your first thought on hearing this is there’s no way a song like this could be released today. Your second thought is that, just two days ago, on one of the most popular shows in America, you had one character raping another beside the corpse of a child, and another character telling a young boy he was going to eat the boy’s mother and father. So, yeah: Metallica was in “Game of Thrones” territory before “Game of Thrones” was even a thing.

As for where Metallica is now: look on Hetfield’s flip-flops, ye mighty, and despair:

Master of Prada.



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