A.M. Shuffle, in which the White Stripes pound away at “My Doorbell”

Cranking up the writing machine by waxing rhapsodic about whatever random song pops up in shuffle each morning.

“Make a sound and I’ll make you feel right, right at home…”

Jack White has always seemed a fundamentally conflicted guy: the dude really, really wants to be a rock star, but he was born 20 years too late. Rock stars these days are as much an anachronism as game-show hosts.

Still, give White credit: he’s still out there waving the rock-god flag, and the old guard has noticed, whether it’s Jimmy Page playing with him in the exceptional documentary “It Might Get Loud” or the Stones bringing him onstage for their concerts. As a middle-aged white dude who once harbored rock-star dreams, I don’t mind saying I’m jealous as hell.

You’ve probably heard White’s best-known song covered at a stadium near you: “Seven Nation Army,” the Ohhhhh-oh oh oh oh oh-ohhhhhhh song that soccer adopted because it’s so easy to sing while blitzed. Today’s tune, “My Doorbell,” comes from “Get Behind Me Satan,” the Stripes’ first album after that song.

The first, and last, thing you notice about this otherwise pleasant little bouncy tune is the same thing you notice about every White Stripes tune: namely, that Meg White, Jack’s ex, plays the drums like she’s trying to beat the devil out of them. It’s like she taught herself to play by listening to the opening crash of Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks,” said, “OK, I’m good,” and proceeded to try to hammer the drum kit into the floor on every downbeat, with absolutely zero subtlety. I’m sure Meg is a wonderful person, but Jack White’s songs are far better now that you can actually hear something besides the foam of cymbals-and-bass that Meg slathered over everything. (Would love to hear her take on “Silent Night.”)

Still, those drums do wake your ass right up, and that’s the point of this, so … good on ya, Stripes.


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