A Way To Find ‘Lost’

Lost geekout alert on.

So I’m watching Lost these last couple weeks, and all I can think is, Holy crap — these guys get guest stars from every cool TV show ever! I mean, we’ve already had Mal from Firefly as Kate’s husband, the DA from Homicide as Judith’s bus-smashed ex, and this week, it’s Ma Caffey from Brotherhood as some kind of Oracle figure. (Best was Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia as one of the Others. If Charlie had shown up drunk in a hoodie ready to kick Sawyer’s ass, Lost would instantly become the best TV show ever. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to iTunes and download this free video of the funniest scenes of Philadelphia. Do it.)

Anyway, the show has kind of passed its sell-by date now that we’re getting backstory on everybody and their freaking dog. And the mysteries aren’t getting resolved, just strung out. When the promos say that “Next week, THREE BIG QUESTIONS will be answered!” you know you’re heading toward Twin Peaks territory. If the show was proceeding logically, we wouldn’t need to KNOW that questions were going to be answered…we’d be okay not knowing when that was going to happen.

That said…I like ol’ Desmond, and I love the idea that Lost is actually a show about him. How cool is that possibility — that the entire plane thing is actually incidental, that this is a show about one man being lost and his true love trying to find him? It’s a great idea…not sure it’s what the writers have in mind, but it’s a lot more interesting than three-toed statues and big black Adebisi-killing clouds.

Oh, and some obsessed fan has already created a website about Desmond. God bless the Internets.

(Yes, I know that’s a picture of Charlie. But it’s an action figure which is kind of creepy in its detail. Oh, and it doesn’t move. So…inaction figure, then?)


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