Ain’t Nothin’ Up But The Renteria

Baseball news here. Non-Braves fans, take this post off.

Good news from the winter meetings, as the Braves dealt Andy Marte for Edgar Renteria. Smiles all around (except maybe in the Marte household)–this is a great deal. Marte had promise, but Renteria is a proven gamer, and I just love that we’re picking up the fallout from the ongoing Yankees-Red Sox apocalypse. Sure, Renteria had a cement glove last season, but he’ll provide a solid veteran presence at short while we wait for Francoeur and Langerhans to ascend to the All-Star status they’ll hold until 2015. And in any other season, losing a talent like Marte would be rough, but after the rookie explosion of 2005, it’s like giving away the lemon-filled donut out of a box of a dozen Krispy Kremes–sad in the abstract, but an acceptable loss.

A year ago almost to the day, I predicted that the acquisition of Tim Hudson would land us another division title. I stick with that prediction again this year–I don’t care how much the Mets load up with talent, they’re the freakin’ Mets–the 2000’s version of the woeful spend-first, lose-next 1990s Orioles. The Braves have the Mets and Phillies so bitch-slapped that they’d wash our cars and mow our lawns for us if we told ’em to, as I wrote in last month’s ChopTalk.

Now, when’s that season start again?


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