Awful comic book covers: To Catch A Super-Predator

You know, every so often, you wonder what the hell an entire artistic and editorial team was thinking when creating a cover to a comic featuring the world’s most famous hero:


You think you’re crying now, Timmy …

Oh, and before we get all high-and-mighty thinking that this was a product of a bygone age, and we’re too wise and knowing to let something like that slip through the publishing process, check this shot from a recent Green Lantern comic:


(Via Tom Brevoort.)

Sweet heaven. I’m starting to think Fredric Wertham was right all along. Comics are evil.


2 Responses to “Awful comic book covers: To Catch A Super-Predator

  • so what the heck is he really putting in his mouth?

  • I was wondering that myself. I don’t have the original comic, so I can’t figure it out. Icicle? Burrito? Frosty the Snowman’s, uh, protrusion?

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