Beginning The Indoctrination Over At Yahoo

So I’ve been writing for Yahoo!’s From the Marbles NASCAR blog for about three weeks now, and here’s one thing I’ve discovered pretty much immediately:

NASCAR fans have no sense of humor.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. There are a large majority of NASCAR fans who actually do enjoy a good laugh, who can appreciate it when some idiot blogger makes fun of their favorite driver. But there’s a good chunk who takes even the slightest insult to Dale Jr. as a critique of their entire lifestyle, and reacts accordingly. In the first few weeks, I was called an “idiot,” a “homo,” a “d1ckhead” (gotta get around the censors), and told to “get a life” because I was not an honorable man for daring to have a little fun at their favorite driver’s expense.

To which I say: damn straight.

Right now, we’re in the Indoctrination Phase over at Yahoo!. That’s where I go balls-out with what I’m going to do, and it either pisses people off so badly they don’t want to return–in which case we’re probably better off without ’em–or it forces everybody, commenters and blogger, to raise their game to a higher level. It’s painful but necessary, and once we get everybody on the same page, the site will be that much better for it.

And it’s working–take a look at the progression of comments in this post right here. Soon, all will kneel before Zod…er, Busbee.

One Response to “Beginning The Indoctrination Over At Yahoo

  • hugsx5
    10 years ago

    Well I hope some of your ‘growing pains’ are easing. From where I sit, (quite often in from of my computer, lately) you are doing a stellar job. And the numbnuts with no sense of humor are helpful in their own way, they give us someone to talk about!

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