Behold Dale Earnhardt, the avenging angel!

This is so many different kinds of awesome I can’t believe it. On Monday, I wrote, “The good ol’ days weren’t all gumdrops and happiness and five-wide racing with Dale Earnhardt standing on the hood of his moving car, a mighty golden angel roaring for vengeance from the depths of Turn 4 at Talladega, even though that seems to be how some people remember it.” Well, check out the Photoshop that Mike DiPasquale did based on that:

That’s exactly how it was back in the olden days, right?


2 Responses to “Behold Dale Earnhardt, the avenging angel!

  • Jordan Cunningham
    ago6 years

    This covers everything except the 5-wide. I am so jealous. I wish I were artistic enough to come up with scenic vista such as this. Mike DiPasquale, you is awesome.

  • Awesome job! Shouldn’t the big one be forming toward the back of that pack?

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