BLUFF CITY, my latest book, is now on sale! Buy buy buy!

Bluff-City-Cover-FinalGreat news! I’m very proud to announce the release of BLUFF CITY, my new novel. Quick version: go right here to Amazon to buy it. And if you want to know more, check out the handy FAQ below.

What’s it about?

Memphis, man. Memphis. Elvis, blues, barbecue, strippers, wrestling, the KKK, gunfire, gambling … this book’s got it all, friend. Here’s the description:

Luther Washington is the last of the great bluesmen, a legend now reduced to playing a fourth-rate Mississippi casino bar. But when two down-on-their-luck gamblers, flat busted and cleaned out from a bad night’s run at the casino tables, decide to kidnap Luther, he suddenly becomes famous all over again. Everyone from white supremacists to church congregations wants to get their hands on the old bluesman, and things descend into bad craziness in a hurry. In the mix are a housewife who finds her true calling as a grifter; a disgraced former heavyweight champ seeking a shot at redemption; a hotshot sportswriter running for his life after writing a too-revealing profile of the city’s star athlete; and a reverend who knows a lot more about the kidnapping than he’s telling his flock. The whole crew comes together at the Elvis Brawl, a worldwide pay-per-view extravaganza starring wrestling Elvis impersonators, while outside, the city nears its boiling point.

Sweet. So where do I get it?

Right now, it’s available on Amazon right here for the Kindle platform. (If you don’t have a Kindle, see the list of devices on the right side of that page that can run the Kindle’s software. If you’re reading this, you have the hardware it takes to read a Kindle book.) Soon, very soon, it’ll be available for the Nook and on the iBooks and Kobo bookstores, among others.

Is it only available in ebook format?

Yep. Here’s the deal on ebooks: they’re in the stage right now where music was in 1999 and movies were in 2003 — that is to say, starting to make inroads into the public consciousness but not quite breaking huge yet. Once tablets are as popular and widespread as iPods are, and they will be, ebooks are going to blow away print in terms of sheer numbers. (When’s the last time you bought a CD?)

Plus, the possibilities for controlling your publishing destiny are vastly more favorable with ebooks than with traditional publishing alone. Author Barry Eisler recently turned down a half-million-dollar advance on two books because he believed in the possibilities of e-publishing, and this is a guy who’s a New York Times bestselling author. That’s saying something.

Will Bluff City ever come out in paper form?

Yeah, possibly. But man, it takes so freaking long to get work out in hard copy — if I started the process right now, it’d be September or October at the earliest that it’d be available — and I’ve gotten kind of addicted to seeing my work out there within a few minutes (or days, in this case) of writing it. I’m not in this part of the writing game to get rich, but I am in it to get read.

Self-publishing? Isn’t that the last refuge of the people who can’t get published?

Yep. But they aren’t the only people out there doing this. Sure, there’ll be a lot of self-published crap out there about unicorns and kittens, but I’m relying on you, my friends, to be able to tell the difference between that stuff and my work. (Fewer unicorns, more gunplay in mine.)

Plus, I’ve already traveled this route before, starting a tiny little sports site that had exactly two readers its first week. But the right people eventually saw that, and from there things turned out okay.

Fine, you win! I bought it!

Hey, thanks.

No sweat. So what now?

Well, read the damn thing. And if you like it, throw me up a review on Amazon (or wherever you bought it). Those are always nice. Word of mouth is going to carry the day here at first, so anything you feel like doing to tell your friends (or enemies) about the book would be welcome.

And if you have a website/podcast and you’d like to do a review or interview, by all means, hit me up. I’m happy to provide review copies or chat the thing up.

So what’s next?

In the back of the book, there’s a preview for RUN & SHOOT, my next book, scheduled to come out this fall. Start saving your pennies now. Won’t take long.

Seriously, friends, thanks so much for reading. I really hope you dig BLUFF CITY, and I really think you will.


5 Responses to “BLUFF CITY, my latest book, is now on sale! Buy buy buy!

  • is it the story of a boy wizard? I bet there is a market for that.

  • I’ll wait for a version I can get signed.

  • Mr. Fab
    ago6 years

    Sorry, this Luddite doesn’t care what the author wants in terms of his publishing medium. I only care what I want, and it ain’t a book you have to download. Would love to read it, though. Too bad.

  • George G.
    ago6 years

    Fine, you win! I bought it! With Elvis, strippers, barbecue and gunfire-who could pass that up? Now if you could just finish that college football story (unless you have and I missed it) before Alzheimer’s takes me over, that’d be swell.

  • Christy Summerfield
    ago6 years

    Ok Jay, seriously humiliated now. I too am a Luddite so I’ll have to wait til it comes out in paper. And oh by the way, I disagree that self-publishing is the last resort of those who can’t get published. My understanding it a self-publisher has total control of his/her book–no one editing it or changing the ending or crap like that. This sounds like my kind of book. Luck on the sales of this edition.

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