Break Me Off Some Thin Mints, Yo

If anybody out there wants Girl Scout cookies, drop me a line and I’ll hook ya up. Regular price is $3.50 a box; I’ll sell ’em to you for 14 quarters–plus shipping. I ain’t paying the freight to supply your cookie habit.

And that’s what it is–next to crack, there ain’t nothin’ better than frozen Thin Mints. And Samoas give you a hell of a contact high when you rub them on your gums.


2 Responses to “Break Me Off Some Thin Mints, Yo

  • Yo, yo, yo…

    You got some cookies, yo?

    Sorry, I was just imagine you as a drug dealer pushing the GCCs on people.

  • You gotta see the Girl Scout brain trust that runs this deal. They could teach Tony Montana a thing or two.

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