Closing The Books On Sundown: Arizona…For Now

So my three-issue comic Sundown: Arizona has reached its conclusion, and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, the total numbers sold were below what I would have liked to see, but the book was an unqualified success by indie standards, and even accounting for the expected dropoff in orders between issues 1 and 2 (retailers always order tons of any #1 issue on the chance it’ll be a hit, then cut those orders by a large percentage for the rest of the series), the book sold quite well. More importantly, from a creative perspective, it was EXACTLY the story I wanted to tell…every word of that came out exactly the way I wanted it to. I’m not sure how many more chances I’ll have to get that kind of completely unfettered output–publicity and notoriety bring more editorial “oversight.”

By the way, I’ve heard from more than a few folks that they had trouble finding either the second or third issue. The delay that arose from switching out artists put #2 WAY behind schedule, and the vagaries of the printing process meant that #3 showed up seven weeks after #2 even though they went to the printer four weeks apart. So if you haven’t found either one, go to the Arcana Store and pick yourself up some copies.

And I’ve got an idea in mind for a sequel–once you finish #3, you’ll notice I’ve left dangling a plot thread the size of that sea rope that lashes ships to docks. Unfortunately, my artist on #2 and #3, Jason Ossman, has decided to trade the oh-so-reliable world of comics art for a real job in the financial industry. (Something about having a family or some such.) So any aspiring artists out there are welcome to send their samples my way, and maybe you can be the guy to illustrate SUNDOWN: …Manhattan? Miami? Compton? Who knows?

Anyway, one of the coolest aspects of the series was that I got the chance to see how many different artists would render my creations, thanks to a pinup contest I ran in the back of the book. Here are the best entries I received–the astute among you will note that two of these guys are now working partners of mine. (Hmmmm…it’s almost as if I planned that competition to get a look at more artists.) From left to right, we’ve got: pinup runner-up contest winner Jeremy Bennison (now working with me on XL); a pinup by the exceptional Mark Winters; and an unused first page by Ryan Bodenheim; and pinup contest winner Martin Morazzo (now working with me on THE NETWORK). Not bad, huh? Click on each pic to get a full-size version suitable for wallpaper or scaring the neighborhood kids.


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