Clowns are evil, as this movie trailer proves definitively

One of those old masters of movie horror — Lon Chaney or one of those cats — was once asked what would scare him the most. He said something to the effect of, if it was a stormy night, long after midnight, and he heard the doorbell ring … and when he answered the door there was a clown standing there.

Yep, that pretty much does it.

Building on this, we bring you “Clown,” the trailer to a new flick* by Eli Roth. Enjoy:

[Hat tip: The Daily What]

*-Alas, it appears this isn’t a real movie at all, but just a fake trailer. Too bad. “That’s not funny, Daddy” was going to be a new catchphrase. It’s good, yes, but “Thanksgiving” (strong NSFW/NSF People With A Modicum Of Decency warning) remains my all-time favorite fake horror trailer.


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