Comics art: Once again, I have chosen the right friends

Here’s some extraordinarily cool artwork from a couple of upcoming projects I’m writing. First, from Kade: Rising Sun #1, a samurai epic from Arcana Studio:

Man, that’s badass, and it’s just dudes drinking tea! At the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve got a piece from the upcoming anthology “Dear Santa, I Can Explain…”, a collection of tales of Christmases gone horribly wrong. Mine’s a story about dressing up as Santa for my kids, but before that, I used to don the beard in college:

Those of you who were at those old Flat Hat parties back in the day will remember–that’s exactly what it was like. No artistic license taken by the spectacular Mr. Wes Molebash whatsoever. (The final version will be in full, glorious color.)

The Kade series is scheduled for later this summer, with the Christmas anthology slated for — imagine this — Christmastime.


2 Responses to “Comics art: Once again, I have chosen the right friends

  • Anonymous
    ago9 years

    As a former Flat Hat editor myself, it’s obvious that if Jay Busbee remembers two babes on his lap while in Santa garb, he was not in the Flat Hat Campus Center office, but rather on Fantasy Island.

  • Is that why that creepy little fellow standing in the corner kept staring at me? It’s all becoming clearer now…

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