Comics That Just Ain’t Right IV: Special "Bad Touch" edition

…words fail me.


3 Responses to “Comics That Just Ain’t Right IV: Special "Bad Touch" edition

  • Jorge Vega
    ago12 years

    God. It’s the seal’s facial expression that makes this so horrifying. It’s like the shower scene in “American History X”…

  • Anonymous
    ago12 years

    Didn’t that make it into “Found Porn” in the esteemed publication Maxim? I think that it did. Not that I read Maxim.

  • Found Porn rules. I was driving through Alabama once and saw a store named “Johnson’s Giant Market.” Unfortunately, they’d laid out the sign with JOHNSON’S in the middle and Giant Market on either side–so, yeah, it read “Giant JOHNSON’S Market.” Would’ve loved to take a picture, but I had the family with me and we were on the way to visit an ailing grandmother, so it didn’t seem the time.

    And yeah, Jorge, this does have the Saturday-morning-cartoons-visit-Oz kinda feel to it.

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