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Here's my comics record. It's got everything from superhero action to western horror to romance to time-traveling, I'm all over the map here. 

Check out each comic below; many have associated mini-sites with pages or interviews. Like what you see? Want to see more? Drop me a line and say so.


POSTCARDS is an exceptional new anthology with a simple premise: take old, mailed postcards and tell the stories behind them. Cryptic? Creepy? Funny? Tragic? Sure...all of the above. My entry, "Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland," with artist Tony Fleecs, tells the story of a forbidden love from half a century's distance. 

Read more about POSTCARDS by visiting the official site, then go and order yourself a copy

Scheduled for publication in June 2007.






If there were superheroes, don't you think there'd be a TV channel devoted exclusively to them? THE NETWORK is ESPN meets the Justice League, the story of the lives and loves of those who keep an eye on America's superpowered elite. And when one of those elite gets caught doing something very, very bad, well...the Network's newest cameraman finds himself in a whole lot of trouble.

Art by Martin Morazzo and Carolina Cesare, colors by Kevin Volo.

Three-issue series, coming 2007 from Arcana Studio. Visit the Arcana mini-site by clicking here.



Adam "Fitz" Fitzpatrick wakes up on a park bench in the middle of an unfamiliar city. He wanders around until he finds a crowd of people awaiting a parade. Then he looks around, sees a grassy knoll, sees more than one gunman, and sees a Presidential motorcade come around the bend...and everything becomes terrifyingly clear.

RIPPED is a story of time travel and conspiracy, a tale that takes an ordinary 21st-century kid from Dallas to Troy to World War I, among other eras, in search of the clues to prevent an apocalypse from week.

Art by Jason Flowers, colors by Sonny Leader.

Five-issue series, coming 2007 from Arcana Studio. Visit the Arcana mini-site by clicking here.


Giant monsters breaking stuff. Need I say more?

Alas, this project is on hiatus and may be dead. 

See what could have been by checking out my XL mini-site here.









Nineteenth-century Arizona. Preachers are dying in horrible fashion, and it's up to Will Dalton, a New York City newspaper reporter, to find out why. But when he hooks up with his brother Clay, the sheriff of the town of Sobrante, he finds the truth is more horrifying than he could have imagined.

Check out the old Sundown: Arizona mini-site by clicking here.

Three-issue series with art by Ryan Bodenheim (#1) and Jason Ossman (#2 and #3) from Arcana Studio, published in 2005 and 2006. 



I've got a short entry in Digital Webbing #23 (2006) entitled "The Fight Junkies," about a couple kids who play fantasy football with superheroes. 

Art by Reilly Brown, who's gone on to fame and fortune with Marvel Comics.

Read the whole six-page story (and check out the goofy old site design) by clicking here.









My first published short story, this one entitled "The Deserter," in which a Confederate wife does her best to encourage her man to hang around the house a little longer.

Art by Jared Bivens. Published in 2005. At the moment,  not available anywhere except maybe eBay or something.





Jay Busbee is a novelist and journalist living in Atlanta. Click below for more info on his novels, articles, and comics.