Creation > Consumption

We only have so many hours in a day. It’s true. I checked.

You can do your own math, but if you’re the working type, if you’ve got a kid or a significant other to whom you ought to give at least the bare minimum face time, you’re probably looking at three or so hours each day in which you’re not working/eating/sleeping/driving. You’ve got a choice of how to spend those three hours. More often than not, it’s easy to just spend them in a passive state, letting it all wash over you like you’re half-buried at the beach.

Let’s see what I’ve got here: DVR’d eps of Better Call Saul, The League, Archer, and a dozen 30 for 30s. At least ten Spotify albums I want to dive deep into. A good 12 hours of podcasts, with more arriving in the queue every hour. Hundreds upon hundreds of articles-I-have-to-read saved in Pocket.

And Christ, that doesn’t even account for the actual physical objects, the books and magazines and video games and what-have-you stacked up in my office. Some of it’s work, sure, but much more of it is just Stuff, stuff to be consumed. I’d bet you’re the same; the Internet is a vast Vegas buffet of fascination, and we’ve all overloaded our trays.

Here’s the deal, though, and this is as much self-motivation as it is attempted inspiration: rather than trying to cut down this pile of Content, why not add to it? Why not create some of your own Stuff to add to this mad pile of nonsense? Sure, it’ll probably be awful — 90 percent of everything is — but awful work you’ve done yourself is still better than work never done.

So, yeah. Today, take a few minutes to create instead of consume. Those shows/songs/sites will be there tomorrow. It’d be badass if you had something alongside them.


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