Darth Vader: From Overlord To Punk

What is it about Darth Vader that makes everybody wanna take him down a peg or two? I mean, start with this cutie-pie Darth Hello Kitty:

Then move on to Darth Granny:

And finally, check out these vids featuring everyone’s favorite Sith lord.

First, we see that in addition to being pure evil, Vader’s kind of a jackass.

Next–the Japanese are okay with being Godzilla’s bitch, but they’re gonna put Vader in his place.

And finally, here’s an example of a marriage that’s on real solid ground. If I were the lady, I’d dump the dude for his weak writing (“Tonight you DIE!” That was the best you could come up with? Really?) and godawful film editing skills.

Stay classy, Darth. Stay classy.


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