Death by volcano: If you gotta go, go out with a bang

So io9 has a fine list today of the 10 bizarre ways a volcano can kill you. They range from the pretty standard (suffocation) to the terrifying (having your head explode when your brain boils). It’s good reading when you’re depressed. Just remember, no matter how bad your life is, chances are you’re not going to go out Pompeii-style. (Though if we did, there’d be hundreds of plaster bodies of people Twittering their last tweets: “OMG LAVA @me SUUUUUXX-“)

Of course, no volcano-related fate on that list can compare to having your body slowly melt like butter, Wicked Witch of the West-style, as you sink into the lava. Behold this clip (enhanced with a little “Karate Kid” music) from the 1997 flick “Volcano”:

Man, ’90s disaster movies were awesome. Only thing that could’ve made that scene better? A great catchphrase. If that dude had shouted “Fireball!” as he melted? Best movie death ever.


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