Don’t Mess With The DubleDog

Entered a $1 + 0.50 tourney tonight over at Pacific Poker and had the best table win of my life–beat out 33 other players to reach the final two, and was facing a dude who had $23,000 in chips to my $2,000–and I kicked his ass! Put him on tilt with a couple bad beats and a ton more bluffs even though he was five figures up on me, and won the whole tourney. “Barf1234” is ready to do just that right now…the latest victim of “DubleDog.” (Sweet handle, huh? Took me a whole 0.3 seconds to come up with it.)

My winnings? Fourteen bucks. I plan to spend it on really cheap hookers and beer.

(Kids, if you’re reading this, a “hooker” is another term for…uh…chicken fingers.)

(Honey, if you’re reading this, I’ll really use my winnings to take you to dinner…and this time, you go right ahead and get that large order’a fries. ‘S’on me!)


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