Dragonforce’s “Through The Fire And Flames” and the joys of guitar wankery

Getting the morning’s writing going with some rambling about whatever song comes up next on the playlist. This is A.M. Shuffle, and today, we’re talking Dragonforce’s “Through The Fire And Flames.”

You’re a young lad, a lad with a thirst for adventure and drama. But the days of knights are long gone. You have music in your soul, but the days of strolling bards are long gone too. You have skill in your fingers, skill that lets you play the guitar at thousands of miles per hour. Hurrah! You’ve found your calling! Go forth, young man, and conquer the world!

Except it’s not 1987 anymore. It’s 2007. Nobody likes speed for the sake of speed on the guitar. Nobody’s into the “why use one note when 6,535 could fit?” school of rock. Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine … they’re edging up on grandpa age now, man.

And then: salvation! Turns out that the musical nerds of the 2000s would rather pretend to play musical instruments rather than really play ’em, and guess what! Your song is the toughest one to play, the peak of the mountaintop! It’s a career rebirth! (Or, actually, birth. Whatever.) You enjoy this plastic-instrument revolution for as long as it lasts, which is about three years.

e0507ghAnd hey, at least you’re in a band. It could be so much worse. You could be “using” your talents like this guy:


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