Eric Church’s “Talladega,” because that’s where I’m headed

Getting the writing engine going with the next song up on the iPhone, this is A.M. Shuffle. Today: Eric Church’s “Talladega.”

Going to be a brief entry this morning in A.M. Shuffle, because I’ve got to get on the road. The selection is “Talladega,” that rarest of beasts: a country song in 2014 that doesn’t mention girls, or trucks, or some combination thereof. It’s a quality coming-of-age song that takes a NASCAR tradition, the pilgrimage to the Talladega infield, as a metaphor for “growing up, and growing old.”

My man Marty Smith has written a gargantuan exegesis of “Talladega,” and you can read it right here. It would take about 20 playings of the song “Talladega” to get through, and the article could be read about, oh, 20 times during an average Talladega race, so it’s a nice golden mean there. I won’t bite Marty’s piece except for this one Church quote about times in the Talladega infield:

“When you look back and tell people stories about your life when you’re 70 years old, and you pick five stories, this is one of the five.”

And that’s where I’m headed. Stories to come, friends.


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