Everybody Say Hello To Our Sister Site, RIGHT DOWN PEACHTREE. No, You Can’t Date Her.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with great vengeance and furious anger — no, wait, with great pride and furious joy — that I’m announcing the latest entry elbowing its way into the sports blogosphere: Right Down Peachtree.

“Right Down Peachtree,” the phrase, refers to a pitch thrown right through the heart of the strike zone. Right Down Peachtree, the blog, will be a division of Atlanta magazine, which is in the process of revamping its entire web presence to take advantage of this whole Internet thing, which looks like it might just stick around awhile. And the powers that be at Atlanta have tapped yours truly to run the show, and it’s my aim to make this the first, best stop for news, commentary, and silliness on all things Atlanta sports. Gosh, if only there were stories coming out of Atlanta these days to write about…

Anyway, I’ll have podcast capability too, with the eventual intention of getting various Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, Bulldogs, Jackets, and assorted journalists/bloggers/local celebs/opinionated fans on the line for some yapping. Atlanta is also giving me a monthly print column, which will pose a bit of a scheduling challenge — six weeks’ lead time for the print version, six seconds for the blog.

Launch date for the blog will be September 1. Trust me, you’ll be hearing a thing or two about it before then. And if you have recommendations or features/ideas/stories you’d like to see explored, email us or post your thoughts here. And join me on Peachtree in six weeks!


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