Exclusive: The new #9 paint scheme!

Budweiser has pulled its sponsorship from Richard Petty Motorsports. But unfortunately, there wasn’t time to line up a backup sponsor. So the No. 9 car will have a slightly modified paint scheme:


4 Responses to “Exclusive: The new #9 paint scheme!

  • Rosel Tomaszewski
    ago6 years

    Who was the idiot that hired Jay to write? He is not a writer, it’s all much ado about nothing just like the exchange between Ian and Tiger. The idiots who mock people from other countries need a reminder that America began with imigrants. Tiger is an arrogant overpaid golfer! This country has too many ignorant people who are followers of self-serving people whether in sports or Hollywood or politics! We should spend more time being concerned about our schools being far behind in educating our children as compared to other countries. Get a grip on realilty instead of sucking up so much beer!

  • I’m betting you’re all kinds of fun at parties, Rosel.

  • Lol Jay, she must have thought she was on the Yahoo blog! Getting better with the Photoshop; that almost looks like you did it with a Sharpie. After sucking up too much beer! But at least it implies a close relationship between Bud and Stanley, or am I reading too much into it????

  • Heh heh. I didn’t think of it that way, but yes, it does form a complete sentence, doesn’t it?

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