Free Freakin’ Comic Day!

It’s Free Comic Book Day, one of the best days of the year. Go to your local comic shop and grab you some free books. And if you’re reading this later than Saturday, go anyway–chances are they’ve got some extras left.

I’m signing over at Dr. No’s in Marietta and Great Escape Comics in Roswell, giving away copies of SUNDOWN: ARIZONA and DIGITAL WEBBING #23. I’ve also printed up a whole passel of promo flyers pitching my upcoming work.

But fear not–you too can grab a promo flyer right here. (Right-click and “save as,” since it’s big–12MB–’cause I don’t feel like trying to figure out how to shrink it. Live with it.)

Coming next week–some full promo pages from THE NETWORK, along with a column on why you’re an idiot if you don’t like the NBA.


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