GONE YARD: Terrell Owens, Savior of Sport

Terrell Owens: Threat or menace? Every halfwit sportswriter worth his free-buffet pass has weighed in on the T.O. situation (short recap: T.O., one of the NFL’s best receivers, is every stereotype of the jackass athlete, times 10–and the Philadelphia Eagles recently suspended him for the rest of the season.) The polls seem to be running about 993 to 1 against ol’ Terrell. (Just wait till he comes to play in YOUR city.)

But while others see the T.O. debacle as a chance to vent thinly disguised racial screeds against the Arrogant Black Athlete, me…I see opportunity. A chance for Terrell Owens to become the Savior of American Sports As We Know It. How? Well, you gotta read this week’s Gone Yard to find out. Here’s a hint, tho–Pay Per Play.


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